Sheet Metal Fabricator in Monterrey, Mexico (pros and cons)

Pros and cons of manufacturing in Monterrey Mexico

Outsourcing the manufacturing your sheet metal parts in Mexico can help you reduce your costs and grow your business quicker. Before you go all in with this decision, we will be sure to explain the main Pros and Cons for your business.

(Pro) Low production cost

 Maybe the most important advantage of manufacturing in Monterrey, Mexico is the production costs.

(Pro) Ultra Fast Service:

Monterrey has a very well geographically positioned. Most of the manufacturers that work side by side with American companies are within 150 miles from the border. With this said, you can expect deliveries within a couple of weeks.

(Pro) Time Zone: 

It is very important to consider that having the same or similar time zone is crucial for a better and constant communication.

(Pro) A flight away:

 Visiting the manufacturing and evaluating their competitiveness and quality standards is critical for most of the companies. Being so near makes it possible and quick.

(Pro) Service for small brands:

It is said that companies that offshore some of their services are the biggest ones. Most of the time this is true. As the worlds connects and technologies advance, smaller companies are being able to offshore part of their production. It is important to get in touch so you can really know if the company will have a benefit in costs.

(Pro) Same Language:

 Most of the business owners and sales employees (like me) can have a fluid talk in english.

(Pro) Monterrey is very nice place to visit

High quality restaurants and world wide recognized hotels.

Now that we already talked about the upside of sheet metal fabricator in monterrey it’s time to talk about the downsides.

(Con) MOQ: The minimum order quantity varies depending on the size of the product. At the moment we serve a client that asks for 36 pcs delivered to Laredo, Tx in each order. 

(Con) Logistics: For first timers, setting up the logistic can be a little bit tedious, after that it only gets easier.

(Con) Quality Control Issues: It is important to be very clear on the tolerances of every part.


If you are looking for sheet metal fabricator in monterrey, we recommend that it is essential to do it with an experienced company like us. There are many obstacles to avoid and it only needs one mistake to get things wrong.


Lic. Guillermo Iglesias

En Manufacturas Metálicas Titán somos especializas en la fabricación de piezas de metal. Contamos con un capital humano experto en cada uno de los procesos necesarios para la fabricación de cada pieza. Entre esos están, punzonado, corte lineal. corte con láser de fibra óptica, corte con plasma, doblez, rolado y ensamblado, entre otros.