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Steel Fabrication Mexico

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At Manufacturas Metálicas Titán we specialize in the manufacture of metal parts. We have an expert human capital in each of the processes necessary for the manufacture of each piece. Among those are, punching, linear cutting, fiber optic laser cutting, plasma cutting, bending, rolling and assembly, among others to ensure the quality of each one of them. We have prepared ourselves with a wide variety of machinery, equipment and tools for the manufacture of each of your metal needs, always using the most appropriate in each process. Our products can be delivered with finishes such as galvanized, tropicalized and electrostatic paint. Others manufacture metal parts but no one does it with passion like we do in “Manufacturas Metálicas Titan”

Among our clients, there are companies with operations throughout the national territory as transnationals of very varied lines such as architecture, automotive, plumbing, lighting, gasoline, construction, decoration among many others. We can already affirm that our products are being used in each of the states of the Mexican Republic as well as throughout the American continent.

We want to serve you as you deserve, with a friendly treatment from the first moment as well as in all phases of the advice that we offer to all our clients in the development of new products or in the improvement of these. We know that we are a key factor for the achievement of your objectives, for us all your projects are important.

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"Top Metal Fabricators Mexico"

Complete the information requested to send your message. We will communicate as soon as possible. We have Amada CNC machinery to carry out your projects with precision. We mainly provide punching, die cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, punching and bending services. If the part needed requires another process, get in touch.

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"Top Metal Fabricators Mexico"​

Complete the information requested to send your message. We will communicate as soon as possible.

Our metal fabrication services

Steel Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a very precise technique that mainly replaces punching machines because it mitigates the investment of dies and speeds up production

Die Cut In Mexico

The fastest way to manufacture metal parts. It requires a large investment in tools which varies depending on the size required. The part comes out in one fell swoop.


Punching is a fairly common process for serial parts due to the low cost of assembly. Unlike laser cutting, this process requires a special tool.

Sheet Metal Bending

The sheet bending services in Monterrey are generally by means of presses or with rollers when it comes to bending. At the end of these processes, the assembly of the bent pieces goes hand in hand with both processes. To offer a comprehensive service, we have the right team to assemble your parts.


Metal bending is one of the most used processes to give shape or resistance to a metal sheet. Adjusts pressure to shape


A very common process for the manufacture of metal parts. The piece is pressed by 3 tubes that rotate continuously to give it the required shape.


There are different types of assembly in metal. Within them we can find the welding method and the mechanical one.

Metalworking In Monterrey

Metalworking is known as the industrial sector that works with industrial machines that supply products or parts for other metal industries.

Industries We Serve

We are the base of the most trusted industries that produce the most outstanding products.

Gas and Oil

For more than 11 years we have been manufacturing parts for the construction of gas stations nationally and internationally.

Architecture / Construction

Many products are manufactured for construction and architecture. Send your drawings to receive a custom quote.


Because the entire lighting system is worked around perforated metal to allow cable routing, our services have become a mainstay for the industry.

Steel Fabrication Mexico

If you are looking for a metal assembly service, thanks to the advancement of technology, it is not entirely necessary to arrive at our plant, we can schedule a video call with our sales staff to show you the part or to resolve your doubts.